[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH v4] base-files: Ensure reset only works if an overlay exists

Bastian Bittorf bb at npl.de
Sun Oct 23 23:09:17 PDT 2016

* Chris Blake <chrisrblake93 at gmail.com> [24.10.2016 07:47]:
> Alexis is correct, it's to ensure any chance of a random error is
> suppressed. 2> /dev/null was just added as a protection.

i will explain why this makes no sense:

grep will complain if e.g. the file '/proc/mounts' does not exist,
otherwise it output the lines matching the pattern or an empty result
if there is no match.

if there is really an error, it's a good idea NOT to suppress it.
so please resend without this 2>...

bye, bastian

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