[LEDE-DEV] Actual community change and additional developers compared to OpenWrt

Daniel Dickinson openwrt at cshore.thecshore.com
Sun Oct 23 15:58:26 PDT 2016


Several months after the split it looks like things have pretty much
ended up where they were before the split.  It's starting to look like
the talk of encouraging new blood, and being more open and transparent
was more talk than real intention.  As much as I've gotten busy with
personal issues that landed me in the hospital (sadly not before I did
damage; although I stand by the statement that there was far too much
hostility in the openwrt private discussions), I'm not sure why a split
was necessary to get to where things are now.  LEDE is still pretty
much a closed group with basically the same group of core developers as

I would do more if I could, but I've got problems of my own to deal
with; I joined Facebook to reconnect with old friends because part of
the reason I was so vocal was that I had gotten isolated as well as
unwell, but the bounce back has been slow, and I'm not where I need to
be to work towards a better solution myself.  Part of the problem, I
think, is the lack of clear and consistent (and visible) governance and
communication makes the project unappealing for companies to be
interested in paying developers to work on either.  It's not enough to
have code and commits, there needs to be a communications strategy as
well, or the projects will die.



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