[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH] kirkwood: disable fault LEDs by default

p.wassi at gmx.at p.wassi at gmx.at
Sun Oct 23 03:25:01 PDT 2016

Hi Mathias,

> status:orange:fault is on after boot because it is used as status_led.
Ah, I see. However, after changing the default value to '0' it is
off after boot (althoug set as status_led !)

> What do you think about using the status:green:health led instead as
> status_led in diag.sh (similar to the power led on other boards)?
Now that I think about it, two other issues come to my mind:
-) some time ago, there was a plan to have the LEDs' names reflect the boardname.
  So the LEDs would not be called "status:green:health" but instead "dockstar:green:health"
  and so on...
-) currently, the code in etc/diag.sh is kind of broken, the target/board 'pogo_e02' does
  not have a LED called "status:orange:fault"; indeed it is called "pogo_e02:orange:fault"

Hmmm... I'll prepare some patch(es) for the entire kirkwood target.

Best regards,
P. Wassi

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