[LEDE-DEV] bcm63xx and fxs is possible...

Alberto Bursi alberto.bursi at outlook.it
Fri Oct 21 05:22:32 PDT 2016

On 10/21/2016 01:15 PM, Eddi De Pieri wrote:
> Hi,
> Here to raise your attention to https://github.com/pgid69/bcm63xx-phone projet.
> That gui implemented fxs support for some device already supported by
> lede/openwrt.
> That module work correctly on my device, but to get it working on
> openwrt >12 and lede you need to disable CONFIG_SPI_BCM63XX=n  (or at
> least mate it to compile as module)
> please can you consider to add this project to the feeds?
> Regards
> Eddi

You can send PRs to the package feeds here 
or on the main LEDE git repo https://github.com/lede-project/source

You can send a patch here or a PR on Lede's github to build the spi 
driver as a module again or disable it outright if none really needs 
that driver anyway (I don't know), and also add these new packages in 
default packages for the devices you want.

If it makes sense it will get merged.

You might want to encourage the current package developer to do this, as 
he might have not noticed that there is LEDE too now.


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