[LEDE-DEV] per device rootfs vs multiple devices

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Wed Oct 12 03:59:27 PDT 2016


I was trying to add help text to the generated Kconfig for the
settings based on some irc conversations with nbd, and was trying
out the behaviour to verify my help text.

The text I've got for per device rootfs is:

"When disabled, all device packages from all selected devices
will be included in all images. When enabled, this is split,
however you can no longer disable individual device packages."

I locally modified two targets to have extra "DEVICE_PACKAGES"
(Added avrdude to one target and sqlite3-cli to another)

Doing a full "make clean; rm .config, menuconfig; select multi
profile, select two devices; make" _without_ per device rotofs,
gives me an image with both device packages in both device
images, as expected. In menuconfig, the two packages are marked
as * by default, but can be deselected, or changed to M without

However, enabling CONFIG_TARGET_PER_DEVICE_ROOTFS seems to only
be affecting the select/deselect behaviour. The two packages are
now shown in menuconfig as {*} and can't be disabled anymore.
That is as per nbd's description. But with the full make clean,
rm .config builds, _both_ target images are still including both
packages. Further, there's only a single rootfs file built in the
bin directory. "lede-ar71xx-generic-root.squashfs"

I presume this is a bug in the PER_DEVICE_ROOTFS support, but it
could also just be that the documentation isn't clear and I
misunderstood nbd's description.


Karl Palsson
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