[LEDE-DEV] Adding support for dlink dwr-512

Giuseppe Lippolis giu.lippolis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 13:38:35 PDT 2016

Hi john,
thanks for your encouragement.

> congrats, please make sure to add a proper SoB line when you submit this.
Can you please clarify me how to create and submit the patch? What means

> also the changes to the kernel config look out of place, please remove
> when submitting the patch
The modification I do in the kernel configuration are not really "out of
place" but them have a rationale.
Indeed it seems that the oem bootloader perform an integrity check on the
area allocated for the kernel + squashfs.
If something else is written in this area I get this error:
Jboot B394
JRecovery Version R1.2 2011/05/26 09:53
=== 0xB0100004 = 00000000
SPI FLASH: MX25l6405d 8M
CSID 6E20->6E24
...Rootfs CRC Error! BCD84A9E 992C3587

And the bootloader prevent to proceed.

This append when the squashfs is immediately appended to the kernel image
and this is the reason why I removed the 

It also seems that the area allocated for the kernel + squashfs is fixed and
limited (I'm currently running near the limit), therefore I need to have a
minimal configuration in the kernel and squashfs.

In any case I'm considering now unstable the patch. I prefer at least verify
the networking and wifi functionality to submit the first patch and after a
second one to enable the 3G modem (I hope !!!).


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