[LEDE-DEV] Call defines for minifying scripting languages

Jan-Tarek Butt tarek at ring0.de
Mon Oct 3 04:00:19 PDT 2016


My Idea ist to create calldefs to minify all scriptes there are 
interpreted by run time.

As example see the mail "[PATCH] LuaSrcDiet call define for lua 
code Minifying".

I plan to write also calldefs for shellscripts, python and perl.

They brings vareous of features.

1. Reducing memory size on firmware images.
2. Strip out all comments (which makes us able to do better code
3. and so on.

One negative point will be there:

the minified code an not realy human readable but if some one
want to read this script or work on it on routers, they can
easily copy the unminified script via scp.

currently I am working on a Shellscript minifyer
there are not realy exsist one so I write a new one.

after that, perl and python will follow soon.


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