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Thomas Endt tmo26 at gmx.de
Sat Oct 1 08:25:54 PDT 2016

IIRC it was Martin who proposed to use oAuth to log in to the wiki with
github credentials.

I installed the oAuth plugin (https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:oauth) for
this purpose and created an oAuth application with my github account for
testing purposes.

Since the owner of the application is shown under
https://github.com/settings/applications and to avoid a SPOF, the owner of
the LEDE-Wiki login application should probably be someone other than me.
I'm not sure if github organizations (i.e. lede-project) can create oAuth
applications. Can someone of the devs please try?

 Things to enter in https://github.com/settings/applications/new

Application name	: LEDE wiki login
Homepage URL	: https://wiki.lede-project.org/doku.php
Application description	: Log in to the LEDE wiki with your github account.
Authorization callback URL	: https://wiki.lede-project.org/doku.php

After successful creation of the application, the "Client ID" and "Client
Secret" need to be entered in the oAuth config of the wiki (-> admin ->
config -> oAuth). You can either do this yourself or let me know.

To use the login via github, the user needs to update his wiki profile
-> Update profile -> Login with other Services -> check Github -> save

Please let me know your thoughts.

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