[LEDE-DEV] Automated shell code debugging

Jan-Tarek Butt tarek at ring0.de
Sat Oct 1 02:11:05 PDT 2016


On 10/01/16 01:00, Lars Kruse wrote:
> Am Sat, 1 Oct 2016 00:11:23 +0200
> schrieb Martin Tippmann <mt at i3o.de>:
>> [..]
>> I'm not a shell pro but I found it very difficult to impossible to
>> write something that passes without any hints/errors.
>> There is a way to avoid this by using special comments that prevent
>> shellcheck from nagging about the problem but this would pollute the
>> code with shellcheck specific comments.
> personally I would appreciate these comments in the rare circumstances were
> quoting is not suitable.
> For example, currently (before Jan-Tarek's patches) there are a lot of unquoted
> variables, where it is not clear, if this is intended or if they were forgotten.
> Thus explicit override comments would help clarifying that and keeping the code
> (and potential) issues understandable.

> Writing shell code is really tricky - I think, we should use all the tools that
> are easily available in order to reduce the amount of potential mistakes.

I am on same meaning.

>> Maybe using mail for the reports is too spammy due to the shortcomings
>> of shellcheck? Something like a generated HTML report[1] on a website
>> would be probably good enough/better?
> I would appreciate that. I could host this or I could prepare it on lede
> infrastructure, if this is what we want.

Hm we can try out it.

Mail has the nice feature that if all sh code clear. Mails will only comes if some dit mistating in a new patch.

So that can be a nice idea in the feature.


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