[LEDE-DEV] [RFC] ADSL Modem Allnet All0333CJ Rev.C / Amazon-SE SoC

Tino Reichardt list-lede at mcmilk.de
Thu Nov 3 02:13:40 PDT 2016


I have about 10-15 Allnet DSL Modems in use and just realized, that
they have an Linux SoC, which can be updated to more recent kernels...

Name: ALLNET ALL0333CJ Rev. C
Short Product Info (german) [1]

This is what I have done so far:
- made some pictures and checked the chips
- bought an serial to usb adapter and connected sucessfully to uboot
  and / or the system itself
- I have also telnet root access and a lot infos via webinterface
- download a lot code from vendors, which also use this SoC
- created a github repo for Amazon SE DSL Firmware [2]

Hardware Infos:
SoC, Amazon-SE PSB 50601: [3] [4]
- is supported in upstream Linux as "Amazon SE"
- they have three groups: 1) Amazon SE 2) XWAY 3) FALCON
- LEDE Kernel has these Lantiq groups:
  1) XRX200 2) XWAY 3) XWAY Legacy
  - for what does xway / xway legacy stand for?
  - the menuconfig help is not very descriptive there
  - can I add "Amazon SE" as another group, or should it belong to some
    existing group?

Flash: 4MB (S29GL032N90TF104)
- not supported by current lede uboot (also no patches)
- I have to add this via patch for it (found in vendor code)

Downloaded Sourcecode for reference:
- netgear gpl code of DGN1000B [4] [5]
- the code of samsung modems [6]
- the allnet code [7]

Most of these Modems have only a very small flash of 2MB or 4MB .. so
there is no need for lot of stuff. My aim is to have nice DSL modems
with recent kernel and dsl firmware. pppoe is not really needed, but
will fit also into that flash, I think.

Where should I add my pictures and descriptions of that modem. Should I
make an extra project page onto my homepage, or is the lede wiki okay
for that? When okay, I need some sample device page of current lede

The openwrt wiki is not accessable today via chromium, cause the
letsencrypt cert was valid until yesterday :/

Is it important, to have an own working uboot, or should I create some
kernel/rootfs image first ? What is the correct way? When I brick the
current vendor uboot, is there a way, to restore it via serial

So, thats enough, for an first message to the list ;)
Please comment some of my question, so the support for Lantiq Amazon-SE
boards is possible.

[1] http://www.allnet.de/fileadmin/transfer/products/98791.pdf
[2] https://github.com/mcmilk/Amazon-SE-Firmware
[3] https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Lantiq#AMAZON-S.2FSE.2FME
[3] http://ark.intel.com/products/92478/Intel-XWAY-AMAZONSE-Network-Processors
[4] https://sourceforge.net/projects/officialnetgearfirmware/files/
[5] http://kb.netgear.de/app/answers/detail/a_id/2649/~/netgear-open-source-code-for-programmers-(gpl)
[6] http://www.samsung.com/global/business/telecommunication-systems/resource/opensource/iad.html

Best regards, TR

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