[LEDE-DEV] Test farm for routers / tetaneutral.net

Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Tue May 24 13:43:05 PDT 2016


The not-for-profit ISP tetaneutral.net would like to provide
a hardware test farm for small routers in addition to the LEDE mirror
(and GCC Compile Farm machines hosting, RIPE probe, NLNOG ring VM),
as we use OpenWRT/LEDE for all of our member "internet box" (1)

Has anyone made and documented such a setup?

I can think of:
- ssh access to the gateway with LAN services (DHCP/RA/VLAN trunk)
- switch with per port configurable VLAN (doc for what is plugged where)
- client/server machines to generate LAN/WAN traffic
- remote power control
- remote push button control
- webcam view (for LEDs)
- remote serial (soldering needed)
- local build servers

Other things? 

We can start small with TP-Link TL-WR841N v11.1 which works well with
LEDE snapshort (wifi+LAN+WAN v4/v6) but has (cosmetics) LEDs not
working :).

We have pile of hardware for our needs (TP-Link, Ubiquity, Mikrotik,
Netonix, ...) and have budget of around 1500 EUR per month
free to invest on what we want (1).


AS197422 http://tetaneutral.net

(1) Our imagebuilder based scripts

(2) We're transparent about it:

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