[LEDE-DEV] Convert ar71xx to devicetree

p.wassi at gmx.at p.wassi at gmx.at
Thu Dec 8 08:17:23 PST 2016


one of the open ToDos for LEDE is 'Convert ar71xx to devicetree'.
In the last weeks, I've tried some stuff to get myself an idea of what
needs to be done. Currently, I'm in this state:
-) AR9331 devices (TL-WR740-v4, TL-WR741-v4, TL-MR3020) boot up fine with DTB,
-) (All?) of the device's hardware is working like normal, this is supported:
    -> Clocks
    -> SPI Flash
    -> Serial
    -> eth0/1 + switch
    -> wifi
    -> USB
    -> LEDs
    -> Buttons
    -> wifi calibration + MAC addresses come from flash
    -> watchdog behaves strange, therefore currently disabled
-) Images use an appended DTB, kernel cmdline coming from the DTB

Current code is just a proof of concept but enough to bring said devices to life
using a DTB.

What are LEDE's further plans to do the conversion? As was previously sugguested on
the mailing list, we could convert ar71xx device per device (maybe a SoC at a time).
Can this migration be done in live ar71xx, or can there be a clone of this target
(like ar71xx-dt)? Who else is working on this?

Best regards,
P. Wassi

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