[source] include: properly update .install stamp files

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Tue Nov 1 17:01:44 PDT 2016

jow pushed a commit to source.git, branch master:

commit 317b3556a494b2c6f02ef3e965ac42e77342ee4e
Author: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io>
AuthorDate: Thu Oct 13 02:54:34 2016 +0200

    include: properly update .install stamp files
    Right now the $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP) files are only written if a package is
    selected as <*> but never deleted or emptied if the corresponding package
    is getting deselected.
    For ordinary packages this usually is no problem as the package/install
    recipe performs its own check for enabled packages when assembling the
    list of install stamp files to consider, but this logic might fail under
    certain circumstances for packages providing multiple build variants.
    In case of a multi-variant package, the buildroot first checks if any
    of the variants is enabled, then resolves all variants of the common
    source package and finally processes the corresponding .install stamp
    files of all variants, relying on the assumption that only the selected
    .install stamp file exists.
    When an initially selected variant is getting deselected or changed from
    <*> to <m> and another variant is marked as <*> instead, the .install
    stamp file of the deselected variant remains unchanged and a second
    .install stamp file for the newly selected variant is getting created,
    causing the package/install recipe to pick up two .install stamps with
    conflicting variants, leading to opkg file clashes.
    This issue happens for example if package "ip" is set to <m> and package
    "ip-full" to <*> -  the install command will eventually fail with:
         * check_conflicts_for: The following packages conflict with ip:
         * check_conflicts_for: 	ip-full *
         * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package ip.
    In order to fix the problem, always process the removal requests or the
    .install stamp files, even for deselected packages but only write the
    package base name into the stamp file if the corresponding package is
    marked as builtin.
    Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io>
 include/package-ipkg.mk | 16 ++++++++--------
 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/package-ipkg.mk b/include/package-ipkg.mk
index 2591f5e..c90eeb2 100644
--- a/include/package-ipkg.mk
+++ b/include/package-ipkg.mk
@@ -103,20 +103,20 @@ ifeq ($(DUMP),)
         ifneq ($(ABI_VERSION),)
         compile: $(PKG_INFO_DIR)/$(1).version
+      else
+        $(if $(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),$$(info WARNING: skipping $(1) -- package not selected))
+      endif
-        ifeq ($(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),y)
-          .PHONY: $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1)
-          compile: $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1)
-          $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1):
+      .PHONY: $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1)
+      compile: $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1)
+      $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).$(1):
 			if [ -f $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).clean ]; then \
 				rm -f \
 					$(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP).clean; \
-			fi; \
+			fi
+      ifeq ($(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),y)
 			echo "$(1)" >> $(PKG_INSTALL_STAMP)
-        endif
-      else
-        $(if $(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),$$(info WARNING: skipping $(1) -- package not selected))

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