[source] base-files: fix CONFIG_VERSION_DIST default

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Wed Dec 14 10:55:36 PST 2016

jow pushed a commit to source.git, branch master:

commit e0b8b24cfbaf3c3f4db4aba4401144d7e76799bd
Author: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io>
AuthorDate: Wed Dec 14 19:54:51 2016 +0100

    base-files: fix CONFIG_VERSION_DIST default
    Fix the default value of CONFIG_VERSION_DIST to use uppercase "LEDE".
    Signed-off-by: Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io>
 package/base-files/image-config.in | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/package/base-files/image-config.in b/package/base-files/image-config.in
index a8d82d3..448fc1c 100644
--- a/package/base-files/image-config.in
+++ b/package/base-files/image-config.in
@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ if VERSIONOPT
 		prompt "Release distribution"
-		default "Lede"
+		default "LEDE"
 			This is the name of the release distribution.
 			If unspecified, it defaults to OpenWrt.

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