[FS#769] Firewall stops traffic / DHCP to WAN interface.

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Mon Mar 26 05:25:27 PDT 2018

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FS#769 - Firewall stops traffic / DHCP to WAN interface.
User who did this - Tobias Richter (zjttoefs)

I'm having the same problem: My ISP provides an IPv4 address via DHCP on the WAN interface and OpenWRT/LEDE cannot retrieve that and ends up with a 169... address. Static configuration also fails. Not sure whether fiddling with the firewall helps.

It may be a very popular model, but I am in fact running the same WRT1900ACS v2 as Lars above. Same hardware works fine with DDWRT, but obviously I would prefer to run OpenWRT again.

I would appreciate any ideas how to diagnose the problem.

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