[FS#1327] dropbearkey hang on OpenWrt master (ar71xx - MIPS r2)

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Mon Feb 5 04:06:17 PST 2018

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FS#1327 - dropbearkey hang on OpenWrt master (ar71xx - MIPS r2)
User who did this - Koen Vandeputte (xback)

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the fast response.
It's regarding custom builds.

I've seen the mails regarding the MIPS issue, and therefore checked multiple configs
Failed combinations:

- GCC 5.5.0 & -Os
- GCC 5.5.0 & -O2
- GCC 7.3.0 & -Os
- GCC 7.3.0 & -O2

- Build OpenSSL with/without acceleration support
- Build kernel with/without FPU emulation

Checking 17.01 branch and trunk shows they both use dropbear release 2017.75.

Currently I'm custom adding the generated dropbear_host key from a pre-generated 17.01 build on the same device as a workaround.

Checking upstream dropbear I've noticed that libtommath has been bumped in the meantime (which solved a lot of reported issues I've seen passing by in mailing list), but for some reasons it takes upstream a VERY long time to release a new stable ..

I'll maybe try to switch openwrt to support git checkout on commit base ..

Thanks for the effort in commenting on this one!

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