[FS#839] Archer C7 v2 reset button not working

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Sun Jun 11 17:09:35 PDT 2017

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FS#839 - Archer C7 v2 reset button not working
User who did this - howl (howl)

Looking at the buttons for C25 and C60, both have the wps with the rfkill button, being wps function activated by in the C25 by holding the button (rfkill otherwise), and in the C60 by NOT holding the button (rfkill otherwise). Despite the factory behavior of both models are reversed they have it's button named rfkill.

I think the C7 archer WPS/Reset button should be named reset instead wps as it's the most common function this button have in lede.

If there is a convention everywhere with the naming of the buttons please point me there.

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