[FS#821] sysupgrade doesn't work on Linksys WRT3200ACM (mvebu)

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Thu Jun 1 09:16:23 PDT 2017

The following task has a new comment added:

FS#821 - sysupgrade doesn't work on Linksys WRT3200ACM (mvebu)
User who did this - Matthias Schiffer (NeoRaider)

In partiticular, reverting 30f61a34b4cfd2c676fea4a919e089d6a77254e9 will *not* lead to a working sysupgrade on NAND systems unless the procd upgrades are reverted as well.

A serial console output with the following patch applied would be very interesting:

diff --git a/package/base-files/files/lib/upgrade/stage2 b/package/base-files/files/lib/upgrade/stage2
index cc8047d988..bf01ffd337 100755
--- a/package/base-files/files/lib/upgrade/stage2
+++ b/package/base-files/files/lib/upgrade/stage2
@@ -122,6 +122,9 @@ kill_remaining() { # [  [  ] ]
+set -x
 killall -9 telnetd
 killall -9 dropbear
 killall -9 ash
diff --git a/package/base-files/files/sbin/sysupgrade b/package/base-files/files/sbin/sysupgrade
index 809e789f9f..ec673c0b82 100755
--- a/package/base-files/files/sbin/sysupgrade
+++ b/package/base-files/files/sbin/sysupgrade
@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ run_hooks "" $sysupgrade_pre_upgrade
 install_bin /sbin/upgraded
 v "Commencing upgrade. All shell sessions will be closed now."
-COMMAND='. /lib/functions.sh; include /lib/upgrade; do_upgrade_stage2'
+COMMAND='. /lib/functions.sh; include /lib/upgrade; set -x; do_upgrade_stage2'
 if [ -n "$FAILSAFE" ]; then
 	printf '%s\x00%s\x00%s' "$RAM_ROOT" "$IMAGE" "$COMMAND" >/tmp/sysupgrade


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