[FS#785] dnsmasq: /tmp/resolv.conf not set to localhost when noresolv=1 and resolvfile is unset

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Wed Jul 19 01:10:46 PDT 2017

The following task has a new comment added:

FS#785 - dnsmasq: /tmp/resolv.conf not set to localhost when noresolv=1 and resolvfile is unset
User who did this - Paul Oranje (por)

The last dnsmasq init patch submitted was discussed by @jow and @dedeckeh and they decided to not merge the patch because:
>As already mentioned by me he mentioned the use case of DNAT (thus not
>listening on port 53); also in his opinion we should first create a
>resolv service which allows to change the resolv file in an atomic way
>and then adapt the services.

A possible fix for the port rewrite use-case has been proposed (an extra UCI option) and for the atomicity issue none truly but the changes that issue (also with the current version) occurs seems small.
See [[http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/lede-dev/2017-June/008107.html|"[LEDE-DEV] [PATCH v4] dnsmasq: manage resolv.conf iff when listening on"]]

After this another v5 of the patch was submitted that changed some minor issues, but did not solve the two issues above.

Related to the issue of atomicity of setting resolv.conf is likely another issue, that of synchronisation of setting the resolv.conf file only after the resolver really has been started. Currently no such thing is guaranteed after the call to procd_close_instance(). Also see [[http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/lede-dev/2017-July/008249.html|[LEDE-DEV] Procd questions]]

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