[FS#273] mac80211 IBSS: Error print on IBSS join

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Tue Jul 11 02:14:46 PDT 2017

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FS#273 - mac80211 IBSS: Error print on IBSS join
User who did this - Koen Vandeputte (xback)


Taken last week:


I've been investigating this last week and currently I'm testing a patch for it in order to pinpoint the exact cause (sender or receiver fault)

Long story short:
- A new station gets created in mac80211 on IBSS join
- Finally a function is called to actually add the station to the station list (sta_info_insert_rcu())

It is only in this Insert function that some checks are done to see if the provided MAC is actually valid. (!Broadcast && !Multicast)

I've made a patch that moves these check to the moment the initial station gets created.
This should indicate if the MAC is actually provided by the packet sender, or if it's a receive error.

Will keep you posted..
It takes some time as it's not 100% reproducible and not top priority here atm


More information can be found at the following URL:

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