[FS#986] Switch "unkown structure" on ARV752DPW, switch not initialized

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Tue Aug 29 02:09:11 PDT 2017

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FS#986 - Switch "unkown structure" on ARV752DPW, switch not initialized
User who did this - Oliver Muth (Oliver)


>> Would you please give https://kresin.me/patches/add_ARV752DPW_switch.patch a try.> But till now I haven't checked if the switch driver really resets any switch config done by the bootloader.

At least in Oct 2013 it did not. It did not even initialize the switch properly. 
So when OpenWRT was started by a broken bootloader, OpenWRT had no network connectivity. 
This was the reason for the patch back then. 
I thought it might have changed by now. But maybe it has not.

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