[FS#988] Procd does not respect a user's groups when using parameter user

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Sun Aug 27 23:46:37 PDT 2017

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User who did this - Alexander Lochmann (flipreverse) 

Attached to Project - LEDE Project
Summary - Procd does not respect a user's groups when using parameter user
Task Type - Bug Report
Category - Base system
Status - Unconfirmed
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Operating System - All
Severity - High
Priority - Very Low
Reported Version - Trunk
Due in Version - Undecided
Due Date - Undecided
Details - Hi folks!

I'm referring to git revision 4b3ffecf2b.
Using this, procd does *not* respect a user's groups (/etc/group) when starting a service.
In my case, I want a particular service running as a particular user (procd_set_param user foo). The user is a member of several groups, and they are needed when running that service.
However, the service runs as user foo, but he is not a member of the other groups as described in /etc/group. I verified it by using a wrapper script which wrote the output of 'id' to a file.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a user foo having primary group foo and is a member of group bar.
2. Write a short bash script which write the output of 'id' to a file.
3. Create a service that starts the aforementioned script.
4. Have a look at the output. It should say something like this: uid=XXX(foo) gid=xxx(foo).

I expect it to be: uid=XXX(foo) gid=XXX(foo) groups=XXX(bar).



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