[FS#557] Nexx wt3020 wifi rx sensitivity low with LEDE 17.01

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Thu Aug 24 07:46:54 PDT 2017

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FS#557 - Nexx wt3020 wifi rx sensitivity low with LEDE 17.01
User who did this - psyborg55 (psyborg55)

add chanregs 14, 17 and 18 to your rt2800lib.c file like this and rebuild image:

		if (rt2x00_has_cap_external_lna_bg(rt2x00dev)) {
			rt2800_bbp_write(rt2x00dev, 75, 0x68);
			rt2800_bbp_write(rt2x00dev, 76, 0x4C);
			rt2800_bbp_write(rt2x00dev, 79, 0x1C);
			rt2800_bbp_write(rt2x00dev, 80, 0x0C);
			rt2800_bbp_write(rt2x00dev, 82, 0xB6);
		} else {
			rt2800_rfcsr_write_chanreg(rt2x00dev, 14, 0x66);
			rt2800_rfcsr_write_chanreg(rt2x00dev, 17, 0x20);
			rt2800_rfcsr_write_chanreg(rt2x00dev, 18, 0x42);

try checking again if the RSSI got any better

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