[FS#975] wrong partition definitions for ARV752DPW

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FS#975 - wrong partition definitions for ARV752DPW
User who did this - Mathias Kresin (mkresin)

I'm well aware of the issue but we can not simply change the partition layout. The OpenWrt wiki article for the board links to a [[https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/arcadyan/arv752dpw#downloads|precompiled bootloader]] which fits into the 64Kybte u-boot partition.

If we change the partition layout, boards using the linked bootloader + the current partition layout will be bricked, since the kernel isn't any longer at the position the precompiled u-boot expects.

A proper solution would be to shrink the u-boot provided by LEDE to 64Kbyte. It should be possible using a two staged u-boot, where the 2nd stage is lzma compressed and decompressed by the first stage. Support for NOR SPL is already present in the [[https://github.com/danielschwierzeck/u-boot-lantiq/tree/openwrt/v2014.01-next|v2014.01-next branch of Daniels u-boot lantiq]].

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it running on danube boards. The bootloader just hangs and I can not find the issue. If you are interested, everything I have so far is in my [[https://github.com/mkresin/u-boot-lantiq/tree/openwrt/v2014.01-openwrt5|u-boot-lantiq repo]].

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