[FS#966] ar71xx: images are not named to their board_names

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Fri Aug 18 09:10:01 PDT 2017

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FS#966 - ar71xx: images are not named to their board_names
User who did this - Matthias Schiffer (NeoRaider)

Using a separate board_name for models that are basically the same hardware sounds like unnecessary code duplication in /lib/ar71xx.sh, /lib/upgrade/platform.sh, /etc/board.d/* etc. to me.

How about adding a new file /tmp/sysinfo/image_name? This would default to board_name in generic code, while ar71xx and other targets could override it where necessary.

Another target that uses board_name quite unusually is x86: here board_name is set to a sanitized version of the product name (as read from DMI data); this board_name is then used to identify platforms like the APU and set up LEDs etc. accordingly. So this would be another platform where deriving the image name from board_name is not possible.

Note: Another reason we base our image names on /tmp/sysinfo/model instead of board_name even on platforms that have a unique board_name -> image name mapping is that the model names are easier to understand for end users, as they usually include the vendor and the full unabbreviated name of the device.

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