[FS#966] ar71xx: images are not named to their board_names

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Wed Aug 16 17:48:47 PDT 2017

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FS#966 - ar71xx: images are not named to their board_names
User who did this - Matthias Schiffer (NeoRaider)

Naming images after board_name is not feasible on ar71xx, as it is very common to use the same board name for different models that are the the same internally (but magic numbers in the image header differ).

I agree though that the image naming could be improved. In Gluon, we use a sanitized version of /tmp/sysinfo/model for the autoupdater image selection on most targets (for an example, have a look at the TP-Link and Ubiquiti sections in https://github.com/freifunk-gluon/gluon/blob/master/targets/ar71xx-generic - the first argument of the "device" directive defines the Gluon/autoupdater image name, while the second argument is the name used by LEDE)

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