[FS#889] Installing LEDE v.17.01.2 will brick Edimax BR-6475ND

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Sun Aug 6 03:11:52 PDT 2017

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FS#889 - Installing LEDE v.17.01.2 will brick Edimax BR-6475ND
User who did this - docplastic (docplastic)

I do apologize for the distress, offense and disturbance my rude/stupid bug reports have obviously caused you. I won't repeat it and I hope you can forgive me.

I did not knew about the FS#735 bug. Unfortunately, even if I knew about that bug, I would have no way of knowing that it was related with Edimax hardware and/or Edimax BR-6475ND.

I am sure that a simple "look at FS#735 it also affects your hardware" from one of the Lede development team memebers would have been enough and would have stoped my other reports. I was just trying to help, not to spam or bother you in any other way.

Thank you,

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