[FS#698] Nexx WT3020F wifi packet loss problem

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Fri Aug 4 13:41:10 PDT 2017

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FS#698 - Nexx WT3020F wifi packet loss problem
User who did this - Paul Oranje (por)

In FS#896 @psyborg55 referred to a patch that seemed to fix this with larger buffers, but in the end (sept 2015) that patch did not make it after @nbd commented:

512 frames seems to be overly excessive. Ever heard of bufferbloat?
It seems to me that the driver should simply call ieee80211_stop_queue
earlier to ensure that mac80211 does not attempt to fill the queues as
much. The driver queue length should probably be around 64 or less.

Did such a fix with a call of ieee80211_stop_queue() ever get implemented ?

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