[FS#949] mt7620/1/8 ethernet link states inconsistent

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Fri Aug 4 05:52:53 PDT 2017

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FS#949 - mt7620/1/8 ethernet link states inconsistent
User who did this - f00b4r0 (f00b4r0)

Just chiming in here as I'm quite convinced this is related:

Device: Archer C50v1 (EU): mt7620a

LAN 3 is switch port1

When the router is booted with an (UP) device plugged into LAN 1, 2 or 4, the port correctly comes up. However, if an (UP) device is connected to LAN 3 before power up, the port does not come up. Unplugging/replugging doesn’t help, the device has to be plugged into another LAN port (1,2 or 4) and then twice into LAN3 before it comes back up.

If the device is booted without any port connected, and an (UP) device is then connected to LAN 3, it works immediately.

Interestingly, as I’m testing under OSX, I notice that when I turn the device on, OSX registers a port status change as I turn the power on on the router when plugged into LAN 1,2 or 4 (the ethernet device climbs in the list of available device in Network preference pane), but that does not happen for LAN3. That leads me to suspect some bootloader-related interaction, but I do not have serial to confirm and this router is "in use" so further debugging is not really feasible.


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