U-Boot S-mode payload does not boot with a multicore configuration in RISC-V QEMU/KVM

Bin Meng bmeng.cn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 21:48:55 PDT 2022

Hi Anup,

U-Boot S-mode payload does not boot with RISC-V KVM on the QEMU 'virt'
multicore machine. With QEMU TCG it can boot.

I am using the latest v5.19-rc5 kernel, along with QEMU 7.0.0 and
U-Boot v2022.04:

Reproduce steps:

U-Boot S-mode payload is built from U-Boot v2022.04:
$ make qemu-riscv64_smode_defconfig; make

The host 5.19-rc5 kernel is running on top of QEMU 7.0.0 on an x86 machine.

Use QEMU to launch the VM:
# qemu-system-riscv64 -M virt -accel kvm -m 2G -smp 2 -nographic
-kernel u-boot -device virtio-net-device,netdev=eth0 -netdev

U-Boot gets stuck during boot, logs below:

U-Boot 2022.04 (Jul 07 2022 - 11:23:28 +0800)
CPU: rv64imafdc
Model: riscv-virtio,qemu
Core: 17 devices, 9 uclasses, devicetree: board
Flash: <========== stuck here, and QEMU is completely unresponsive
(Ctrl+A, C is ignored)

The kernel reports:

[ 484.351698] INFO: task qemu-system-ris:1765 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
[ 484.360285] Not tainted 5.19.0-rc5-custom #1
[ 484.360871] "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs"
disables this message.
[ 484.362560] task:qemu-system-ris state:D stack: 0 pid: 1765 ppid:
1515 flags:0x00000000
[ 484.363785] Call Trace:
[ 484.363930] [] schedule+0x50/0xb2
[ 484.364758] [] schedule_timeout+0x10c/0x13c
[ 484.364806] [] __wait_for_common+0x148/0x226
[ 484.364840] [] wait_for_completion+0x2e/0x36
[ 484.364871] [] __synchronize_srcu.part.0+0x88/0xe2
[ 484.364918] [] synchronize_srcu_expedited+0x3a/0x44
[ 484.364952] [] kvm_swap_active_memslots+0x186/0x1ea
[ 484.364985] [] kvm_set_memslot+0x1fc/0x39c
[ 484.365014] [] __kvm_set_memory_region+0x144/0x30c
[ 484.365043] [] kvm_vm_ioctl+0x20a/0xc82
[ 484.365075] [] sys_ioctl+0x98/0xb2
[ 484.365135] [] ret_from_syscall+0x0/0x2

The QEMU vcpu thread backtrace is:

#0 __GI___ioctl (fd=, request=request at entry=1075883590) at
#1 0x00aaaaaab8b916ae in kvm_vm_ioctl (s=s at entry=0xaaaaaaf1ec3e00,
type=type at entry=1075883590) at ../accel/kvm/kvm-all.c:3035
#2 0x00aaaaaab8b93572 in kvm_set_user_memory_region
(slot=slot at entry=0xffffffaa5d90a0, new=new at entry=false,
kml=0xaaaaaaf1ec4eb0, kml=) at ../accel/kvm/kvm-all.c:379
#3 0x00aaaaaab8b93862 in kvm_set_phys_mem (kml=0xaaaaaaf1ec4eb0,
section=section at entry=0xffffffaa513b70, add=, add at entry=false) at
#4 0x00aaaaaab8b93a30 in kvm_region_del (listener=,
section=0xffffffaa513b70) at ../accel/kvm/kvm-all.c:1511
#5 0x00aaaaaab8ad780c in address_space_update_topology_pass
(as=as at entry=0xaaaaaab90b87a0 ,
old_view=old_view at entry=0xaaaaaaf1f42c40,
new_view=new_view at entry=0xffffff1c001400, adding=adding at entry=fa
lse) at ../softmmu/memory.c:948
#6 0x00aaaaaab8ad7a2a in address_space_set_flatview
(as=0xaaaaaab90b87a0 ) at ../softmmu/memory.c:1050
#7 0x00aaaaaab8ada508 in memory_region_transaction_commit () at
#8 0x00aaaaaab8adb6ee in memory_region_rom_device_set_romd
(mr=mr at entry=0xaaaaaaf22d6fe0, romd_mode=romd_mode at entry=false) at
#9 0x00aaaaaab8951e1a in pflash_write (be=0, width=1, value=240,
offset=0, pfl=0xaaaaaaf22d6c30) at ../hw/block/pflash_cfi01.c:451
#10 pflash_mem_write_with_attrs (opaque=0xaaaaaaf22d6c30, addr=0,
value=, len=, attrs=...) at ../hw/block/pflash_cfi01.c:682
#11 0x00aaaaaab8ad5fa2 in access_with_adjusted_size
(addr=addr at entry=0, value=value at entry=0xffffffaa513dc8,
size=size at entry=1, access_size_min=, access_size_max=,
access_fn=0xaaaaaab8ad7d06 <
memory_region_write_with_attrs_accessor>, mr=0xaaaaaaf22d6fe0,
attrs=...) at ../softmmu/memory.c:554
#12 0x00aaaaaab8ad92ba in memory_region_dispatch_write
(mr=mr at entry=0xaaaaaaf22d6fe0, addr=addr at entry=0, data=,
data at entry=240, op=, attrs=attrs at entry=...) at
#13 0x00aaaaaab8adee88 in flatview_write_continue
(fv=fv at entry=0xaaaaaaf1f42c40, addr=addr at entry=536870912,
attrs=attrs at entry=..., ptr=ptr at entry=0xffffffab730028,
len=len at entry=1, addr1=, l=,
mr=0xaaaaaaf22d6fe0) at ../softmmu/physmem.c:2814
#14 0x00aaaaaab8adf0d8 in flatview_write (fv=0xaaaaaaf1f42c40,
addr=536870912, attrs=..., buf=0xffffffab730028, len=len at entry=1) at
#15 0x00aaaaaab8ae1eca in address_space_write (len=1,
buf=0xffffffab730028, attrs=..., addr=536870912, as=0xaaaaaab90b87a0 )
at ../softmmu/physmem.c:2952
#16 address_space_rw (as=0xaaaaaab90b87a0 , addr=536870912, attrs=...,
attrs at entry=..., buf=buf at entry=0xffffffab730028, len=1, is_write=) at
#17 0x00aaaaaab8b94a3e in kvm_cpu_exec
(cpu=cpu at entry=0xaaaaaaf1ec92f0) at ../accel/kvm/kvm-all.c:2929
#18 0x00aaaaaab8b95572 in kvm_vcpu_thread_fn
(arg=arg at entry=0xaaaaaaf1ec92f0) at ../accel/kvm/kvm-accel-ops.c:49
#19 0x00aaaaaab8ca280a in qemu_thread_start (args=) at
#20 0x00ffffffab2cf5a6 in start_thread (arg=) at ./nptl/pthread_create.c:442
#21 0x00ffffffab31ba02 in __thread_start () at

Based on above 2 logs, we can see the QEMU vcpu thread is blocked at KVM ioctl
KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION, and on the kernel side the ioctl call is
blocked at synchronize_srcu_expedited() so that ioctl never returns
back to the user land.

If I single step the QEMU instance starting from a breakpoint at
pflash_write(), the ioctl call of KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION does not
block, and U-Boot can boot eventually.

If I remove "-smp 2" from the QEMU command line when launching the VM,
U-Boot boots without any problem. Of course removing "-accel kvm"
works too.

It looks to me there is a locking timing issue in the RISC-V KVM
kernel when an SMP guest is launched. Any ideas?


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