Compiling makedumpfile from source

HAGIO KAZUHITO(萩尾 一仁) k-hagio-ab at
Mon Jun 28 00:07:23 PDT 2021

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> Hi Kazuhito san,
> I am getting the following error when trying to use makedumpfile utility.
> > copy_vmcoreinfo: Can't open the vmcoreinfo file(/tmp/vmcoreinfoLUQc25). No such file or directory.
> > makedumpfile Failed
> In your setup how are you providing the vmcoreinfo file? In my case it
> is checking /tmp/vmcoreinfoLUQc25
> Who generates this file?

Generally, vmcoreinfo is copied from vmcore's ELF note to /tmp/vmcoreinfoXXXXXX
by makedumpfile, please see copy_vmcoreinfo().  So no need to provide explicitly.

Is there the /tmp directory on your environment?


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