[ANNOUNCE] kexec-tools v2.0.21 preparation

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Mon Nov 30 11:41:17 EST 2020

Hi all,

After somewhat of a hiatus between releases - sorry about that -
I am planning to release kexec-tools v2.0.21 in the next two weeks
to roughly coincide with the release of the v5.10 kernel.

I would like to ask interested parties to send any patches they would like
included in v2.0.21 within one week so that I can make an rc release.

For reference the patches queued up since v2.0.20 are as follows:

d4eaff6 zlib: fix resource leak when gzdirect failed
4149df9 printk: add support for lockless ringbuffer
6b5667d x86_64: allow ELFCLASS32 for x32 support
5c7f47d i386: fix string formatting-related warnings
3dce5ce i386/kexec-mb2-x86.c: cast ints to uintptr_t before pointers to avoid warnings
6caad4c configure.ac, arch/x86_64: handle x32 as subarch of x86_64 and don't specify -mcmodel=large there
9d33ea5 config: update to latest config.{sub,guess}, install-sh
1e9de8e arm64: Add purgatory printing
70cca82 kexec: Fix snprintf related compilation warnings
15fc8cb vmcore-dmesg/man page: Update the vmcore-dmesg man page
9fd2189 kexec-tools: Add some missing free() calls
ec53791 kexec-tools: Fix a prompt message when crashkernel is not reserved
7bd2516 kexec-tools: mips: Remove commandline parameter "mem"
a47b10c kexec/kexec.c: Add missing close() call
16168f8 AUTHORS: Update email address for Khalid
01144be MIPS: Fix compile warnnings in kexec-elf-mips.c
24884d1 mips: kexec-elf-mips: fix not free in elf_mips_load()
12e643a kexec-tools: Check callback first in kexec_iomem_for_each_line()
7a576da arm: Increase zImage length after getting the tag
f22b6aa kexec-tools: fix the unintended fallthrough when '-d' option is used
74c7c36 arm: redefine OPT_APPEND and OPT_RAMDISK
5dc72de kexec-tools: s390: Reset kernel command line on syscall fallback
65441fb kexec-xen: Introduce --exec-live-update to trigger a live update
b13984c kexec: Introduce --load-live-update for xen
41a9b98 kexec-xen: Introduce xen_get_kexec_range to wrap xc_kexec_get_range
cc087b1 kexec-tools: Remove duplicated variable declarations
cbbee58 Removing condition that will never be met after calls xmalloc and xrealloc
618799e kexec: support parsing the string "Reserved" to get the correct e820 reserved region
9cf7212 kexec-tools: Reset getopt before falling back to legacy syscall
4f77da6 kexec-tools: Fix kexec_file_load(2) error handling
a4afe68 crashdump-ppc64: crashkernel-base and crashkernel-size are big-endian
2c9f26e kexec: build multiboot2 for i386
66b151d ARM: Use mmap for zImage initrd
2572b8d arm64: kdump: deal with a lot of resource entries in /proc/iomem
f736104 arm64: kexec: allocate memory space avoiding reserved regions
cf977b1 kexec: add variant helper functions for handling memory regions
bd07796 kexec-tools: Fix conversion overflow when compiling on 32-bit platforms
775f258 kexec-tools: Fix possible out-of-bounds access in ifdown
470d5c4 kexec: add support for PARISC architecture
b54816e kexec/arm: undefine __NR_kexec_file_load for arm
ed2d6e3 i386/kexec-mb2-x86.c: Fix compilation warning
a46c686 vmcore-dmesg/vmcore-dmesg.c: Fix shifting error reported by cppcheck
fa3f0ed Limit the size of vmcore-dmesg.txt to 2G
a7c4cb8 Cleanup: move it back from util_lib/elf_info.c
14ad054 Fix an error definition about the variable 'fname'
545c811 Cleanup: remove the read_elf_kcore()
23b67f0 x86: Fix PAGE_OFFSET for kernels since 4.20
77c8824 kexec-tools 2.0.20.git

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