[PATCH 1/1] kernel/crash_core.c - Add crashkernel=auto for x86 and ARM

Saeed Mirzamohammadi saeed.mirzamohammadi at oracle.com
Thu Nov 19 15:52:10 EST 2020

[I’m resending this email as it failed to be sent to certain emails.]

> And I think crashkernel=auto could be used as an indicator that user
> want the kernel to control the crashkernel size, so some further work
> could be done to adjust the crashkernel more accordingly. eg. when
> memory encryption is enabled, increase the crashkernel value for the
> auto estimation, as it's known to consume more crashkernel memory.
Thanks for the suggestion! I tried to keep it simple and leave it to the user to change Kconfig in case a different range is needed. Based on experience, these ranges work well for most of the regular cases.

> But why not make it arch-independent? This crashkernel=auto idea
> should simply work with every arch.

Thanks! I’ll be making it arch-independent in the v2 patch.

> I think this rounding may be better moved to the arch specified part
> where parse_crashkernel is called?

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please elaborate why do we need to do that?


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