[MAKDUMPFILE PATCH] Add option to estimate the size of vmcore dump files

Julien Thierry jthierry at redhat.com
Wed Nov 18 02:33:17 EST 2020


On 11/18/20 3:57 AM, lijiang wrote:
> Hi, Kazu, Julien and Bhupesh
> 在 2020年10月28日 16:32, HAGIO KAZUHITO(萩尾 一仁) 写道:
>> I'm rethinking about what command options makedumpfile should have.
>> If once we add an option to makedumpfile, we cannot change it easily,
>> so I'd like to think carefully.
>> The calculated size might be useful if it's printed so that it can be
>> easily post-processed by scripts, e.g. for automated tests.  If so,
>> makedumpfile already prints its statistics with "--message-level 16",
>> and it might be useful to also print them by an option like "--show-stats".
>>    # makedumpfile --show-stats -l -d 31 vmcore dump.ld31
>>    total_pages xxx
>>    excluded_pages yyy
>>    ...
>>    write_bytes zzz
>> Also, if we also have "--dry-run" option to not write actually, it's
>> explicit and meets Bhupesh's use case.  What do you think?
> It seems that adding a statistical option could be better than nothing.
> Do you have any decisions on this issue? Or any thoughts?

On my end this makes sense, I'll try to add the --dry-run and 
--show-stats options as Kazu suggested and post a new version.

Julien Thierry

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