[ANNOUNCE] makedumpfile 1.6.8 is released

HAGIO KAZUHITO(萩尾 一仁) k-hagio-ab at nec.com
Sun Nov 15 20:24:52 EST 2020


I'm pleased to announce the release of makedumpfile-1.6.8.
Thank you all for your help to maintain the makedumpfile tool.
Your comments/patches are always welcome.

The latest makedumpfile can be downloaded from the following URL.

Main new features: 
o --check-params option to verify makedumpfile commandline parameters
o Support for ARMv8.2-LPA (52-bit PA support)
o Support for newer kernels up to v5.9 (x86_64)

fbfa803927bc [PATCH] Support newer kernels up to v5.9 (Kazuhito Hagio)
14b95db24b3f [PATCH] Fix compiler warning for x86 target (Kazuhito Hagio)
da0d25ffa585 [PATCH] arm64: Add support for ARMv8.2-LPA (52-bit PA support) (Bhupesh Sharma)
f1197543d1c4 [PATCH] Retrieve MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS from vmcoreinfo (Bhupesh Sharma)
e4b2fc4a00ac [PATCH 3/3] Cleanup: Remove offset_pt_load_memory (Petr Tesarik)
756dd087916f [PATCH 2/3] Cleanup: Remove unused elf_info.c functions (Petr Tesarik)
1e7764cb150d [PATCH 1/3] Cleanup: Remove a superfluous seek to physical address 0 (Petr Tesarik)
64d2aee2c465 [PATCH] README: Add the necessary method about elfutils (Jinyang He)
3c0cf7a93cff [PATCH] sadump, kaslr: fix failure of calculating kaslr_offset due to an sadump format
                     restriction (HATAYAMA Daisuke)
c9e078531efa [PATCH] sadump: Fix failure of reading __per_cpu_load memory (saito.kazuya at fujitsu.com)
81b79c514ff6 [PATCH] Avoid false-positive failure in mem_seciton validation (Kazuhito Hagio)
7bc78edf20c5 [PATCH] README: Update the URL of makedumpfile project page (Kazuhito Hagio)
6e4b2dfaed5e [PATCH] Fix cd_header offset overflow with large pfn (Jialong Chen)
7242ae4cb528 [PATCH] Align PMD_SECTION_MASK with PHYS_MASK (Michal Suchanek)
12250baa0258 [PATCH] Makefile: Fix build errors in static build (Kazuhito Hagio)
989152e113bf [PATCH] Introduce --check-params option (Kazuhito Hagio)
e113f1c974c8 [PATCH] cope with not-present mem section (Pingfan Liu)
399f2c9a3acd [PATCH] Remove duplicated variable definitions (Kairui Song)

Explanation of makedumpfile:
To shorten the size of the dumpfile and the time of creating the
dumpfile, makedumpfile copies only the necessary pages for analysis
to the dumpfile from /proc/vmcore. You can specify the kind of
unnecessary pages with dump_level. If you want to shorten the size
further, enable the compression of the page data.


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