[PATCH v3 0/3] printk: replace ringbuffer

John Ogness john.ogness at linutronix.de
Thu Jun 25 10:13:52 EDT 2020

Hi Dave,

On 2020-06-25, Dave Young <dyoung at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 06/18/20 at 04:55pm, John Ogness wrote:
>> Here is a v3 for the first series to rework the printk
>> subsystem. The v2 and history are here [0]. This first series
>> only replaces the existing ringbuffer implementation. No locking
>> is removed. No semantics/behavior of printk are changed.
>> Reviews on the ringbuffer are still ongoing, but I was asked to
>> post this new version since several changes from v2 have been
>> already agreed upon.
>> The series is based on v5.8-rc1.
> Do you have the kdump userspace part link so that people can try
> and do some testing?
> Eg. some makedumpfile/crash tool git branch etc.

I have set up github forks, each with the RFC patch on top in their
respective "printk" branch:



Note that for crash, only the "log" command (using debug symbols) is
implemented. The --log argument (using VMCOREINFO) is not implemented.

For makedumpfile both symbol and VMCOREINFO variants are implemented.

The VMCOREINFO implementation in makedumpfile shows that there is enough
VMCOREINFO exported. So it will not be a problem to implement that for
crash as well.

John Ogness

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