Greetings From Mrs. Sarah Koffi

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Tue Jun 23 07:13:30 EDT 2020

Greetings From Mrs. Sarah Koffi

I'm contacting you based on your good profiles I read and for a good
reasons, I am in search of a property to buy in your country as I
intended to come over to your
country for investment, Though I have not meet with you before but I
believe that one has to risk confiding in someone to succeed sometimes
in life.

My name is Mrs. Sarah Koffi. My late husband deals on Crude Oil with
Federal Government of Sudan and he has a personal Oil firm in Bentiu
Oil zone town and Upper
Nile city. What I have experience physically, I don't wish to
experience it again in my life due to the recent civil Ethnic war
cause by our President Mr. Salva Kiir
and the rebel leader Mr Riek Machar, I have been Under United Nation
refuge camp in chad to save my life and that of my little daughter.

Though, I do not know how you will feel to my proposal, but the truth
is that I sneaked into Chad our neighboring country where I am living
now as a refugee.
I escaped with my little daughter when the rebels bust into our house
and killed my husband as one of the big oil dealers in the country,
ever since then, I have being on the run.

I left my country and move to Chad our neighboring country with the
little ceasefire we had, due to the face to face peace meeting accord
coordinated by the US Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry and United
Nations in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) between our President Mr Salva Kiir
and the rebel leader Mr Riek Machar to stop this war.

I want to solicit for your partnership with trust to invest the $8
million dollars deposited by my late husband in Bank because my life
is no longer safe in our country, since the rebels are looking for the
families of all the oil business men in the country to kill, saying
that they are they one that is milking the country dry.

I will offer you 20% of the total fund for your help while I will
partner with you for the investment in your country.
If I get your reply.

I will wait to hear from you so as to give you details.With love from

 i need you to contact me here sarahkoffi389 at

Mrs. Sarah Koffi

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