[PATCH] powerpc: Fix loading of kernel + initramfs with kexec_file_load()

Thiago Jung Bauermann bauerman at linux.ibm.com
Mon May 27 13:14:17 PDT 2019

Michael Ellerman <patch-notifications at ellerman.id.au> writes:

> On Wed, 2019-05-22 at 22:01:58 UTC, Thiago Jung Bauermann wrote:
>> Commit b6664ba42f14 ("s390, kexec_file: drop arch_kexec_mem_walk()")
>> changed kexec_add_buffer() to skip searching for a memory location if
>> kexec_buf.mem is already set, and use the address that is there.
>> In powerpc code we reuse a kexec_buf variable for loading both the kernel
>> and the initramfs by resetting some of the fields between those uses, but
>> not mem. This causes kexec_add_buffer() to try to load the kernel at the
>> same address where initramfs will be loaded, which is naturally rejected:
>>   # kexec -s -l --initrd initramfs vmlinuz
>>   kexec_file_load failed: Invalid argument
>> Setting the mem field before every call to kexec_add_buffer() fixes this
>> regression.
>> Fixes: b6664ba42f14 ("s390, kexec_file: drop arch_kexec_mem_walk()")
>> Signed-off-by: Thiago Jung Bauermann <bauerman at linux.ibm.com>
>> Reviewed-by: Dave Young <dyoung at redhat.com>
> Applied to powerpc fixes, thanks.
> https://git.kernel.org/powerpc/c/8b909e3548706cbebc0a676067b81aad


Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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