[RFC] makedumpfile: exclude ZFS file cache pages

Kazuhito Hagio k-hagio at ab.jp.nec.com
Mon Jul 22 07:35:53 PDT 2019

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> Subject: [RFC] makedumpfile: exclude ZFS file cache pages
> Hello,
> I have for consideration a makedumpfile patch that can exclude the ZFS
> file data cache pages. This is similar in capability as the exclusion
> of the VFS page cache pages.
> My question to this list is how to proceed?  Should I post a patch or
> should I first explain how the ZFS pages are being marked and see if
> others here can recommend a better approach?

Hi Don,

Either is OK, but I don't have any knowledge about ZFS implementation
so the explanation of that and what your patch is going to do will be
helpful at least for me to review/discuss it. And as you say, someone
here may be able to help.


> Long term, ZFS should participate in the VFS page cache. However, that
> is a significant change and won't be available in the foreseeable
> future. There is an immediate benefit from excluding ZFS file cache
> pages that will benefit crash dump users that use ZFS.
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> -Don
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