[v1 0/5] allow to reserve memory for normal kexec kernel

Pavel Tatashin pasha.tatashin at soleen.com
Tue Jul 9 06:07:54 PDT 2019

> > Enabling MMU and D-Cache for relocation  would essentially require the
> > same changes in kernel. Could you please share exactly why these were
> > not accepted upstream into kexec-tools?
> Because '--no-checks' is a much simpler alternative.
> More of the discussion:
> https://lore.kernel.org/linux-arm-kernel/5599813d-f83c-d154-287a-c131c48292ca@arm.com/
> While you can make purgatory a fully-fledged operating system, it doesn't really need to
> do anything on arm64. Errata-workarounds alone are a reason not do start down this path.

Thank you James. I will summaries the information gathered from the
yesterday's/today's discussion and add it to the cover letter together
with ARM64 tag. I think, the patch series makes sense for ARM64 only,
unless there are other platforms that disable caching/MMU during

Thank you,

> Thanks,
> James

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