Xen kexec status

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at infradead.org
Fri Apr 26 23:15:52 PDT 2019

I've been looking at kexec into Xen, and from Xen.

Kexec-tools doesn't support Multiboot v2, and doesn't treat the Xen
image as relocatable. So it loads it at address zero, which causes lots
of amusement:

Firstly, head.S trusts the low memory limit found in the BDA, which has
been scribbled on. Hacking around that and setting no-real-mode does
make kexec into Xen from Linux work.

Secondly, kexec (in xen_kexec_load()) adds a mapping of the 0-1MiB
region, which "overlaps" with where Xen is actually loaded, so *Xen*
refuses the kexec_load hypercall.

For kexec from Xen I also reverted to kexec-tools 2.0.16 as commit
894bea9335f57b62c ("kexec-tools: Perform run-time linking of
libxenctrl.so") seems to have broken things by not always defining
HAVE_LIBXENCTRL when it should. I'll fix that shortly.

Most of the above is relatively simply worked around by hacking the Xen
image to be ET_DYN (so that kexec will relocate it) and then using
kexec --mem-min=0x100000. I'll probably implement Multiboot v2 support
in kexec-tools to allow for saner relocation.

We should fix head.S. One option is to recognise when the load address
is zero, and automatically eschew the BDA and trigger the no-real-mode
behaviour when that is the case. Better suggestions welcome.

Should we also avoid having a load segment at offset zero in the image,
so that it doesn't scribble on the BDA by default?

Should we also fix Xen's kexec_load not to refuse overlapping segments
if they are not loaded (bufsz==0)? I'm not quite sure what's going on
there; doesn't this happen with paging disabled anyway, so why would we
need an explicit mapping of RAM?

After that, I'm looking at using Xen as a crash kernel, which means I
really don't want it scribbling on low memory that it hasn't been
explicitly told it can use. First attempt at this is at 
but as noted there, it only works for a single processor for now; I'll
fix it as described therein.

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