[PATCH net-next v8 0/3] kernel: add support to collect hardware logs in crash recovery kernel

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Mon May 7 13:03:10 PDT 2018

From: Rahul Lakkireddy <rahul.lakkireddy at chelsio.com>
Date: Wed,  2 May 2018 15:17:16 +0530

> This series of patches add new generic framework that enable device
> drivers to collect device specific snapshot of the hardware/firmware
> state of the underlying device in the crash recovery kernel. In crash
> recovery kernel, the collected logs are added as elf notes to
> /proc/vmcore, which is copied by user space scripts for post-analysis.

Eric B., since you've been giving very useful and active feedback on
this series could you please give it a review?

Thank you.

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