[PATCH v4 4/5] kexec: add option to fall back to KEXEC_LOAD when KEXEC_FILE_LOAD is not supported.

Tony Jones tonyj at suse.de
Tue Mar 13 10:30:28 PDT 2018

On 03/06/2018 05:15 AM, Michal Suchanek wrote:
> Not all architectures implement KEXEC_FILE_LOAD. However, on some
> archiectures KEXEC_FILE_LOAD is required when secure boot is enabled in
> locked-down mode. Previously users had to select the KEXEC_FILE_LOAD
> syscall with undocumented -s option. However, if they did pass the
> option kexec would fail on architectures that do not support it.
> So add an -a option that tries KEXEC_FILE_LOAD and when it is not
> supported tries KEXEC_LOAD.
> Signed-off-by: Michal Suchanek <msuchanek at suse.de>

David, Simon.

Is there any feedback on v4 of this patchset?  Adding a new option for fallback rather than changing the existing behavior was the v3 feedback on March 2nd.



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