[makedumpfile PATCH] Always use bigger SECTION_MAP_MASK

Petr Tesarik ptesarik at suse.com
Tue Mar 13 02:59:31 PDT 2018


On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 09:18:54 +0000
Masaki Tachibana <mas-tachibana at vf.jp.nec.com> wrote:

> Hi Petr,
> Sorry for the late reply.

Never mind. I was on vacation, anyway. ;-)

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> > Subject: [makedumpfile PATCH] Always use bigger SECTION_MAP_MASK
> > 
> > It is not necessary to distinguish between different kernel
> > versions. Kernel commit 2d070eab2e82 merely reuses a previously
> > unused bit (see clarification in kernel commit def9b71ee651a). The
> > bit was always zero even before that commit, so it is safe to mask
> > it off even for kernel versions before 4.13, removing some of the
> > complexity.
> > 
> > More importantly, makedumpfile fails on kernels which backport the
> > patch on top of an older version (for example SLES15).  
> I understand circumstances of SLES.
> However I am worried;
> - Is it good that we correct the following specified code for the 
>   particular distribution?

No, absolutely not. That's why I'm not trying to fix a particular
distribution, but rather make it work for all distributions (including
my own).

> - Is it good that makedumpfile ignores the bit because the kernel 
>   isn't using it?

I've given it a serious thought before writing my patch. Let me explain.

First, what happens if the bit is set?

  A. If the kernel version is at least 4.13.0, then my patch does not
     change makedumpfile's behaviour.

  B. If the kernel version is older than 4.13.0, then I have verified
     that the bit must not be set. If it is set, then this is a bug in
     the kernel or random memory corruption. The kernel would then use
     an incorrect memmap address, probably crashing in short time.
     Without my patch, makedumpfile will most likely fail to produce
     any output. With my patch, it may produce some output.

Second, my patch simplifies makedumpfile code, which is good in itself,
because it reduces the maintenance burden going forward. A few years
from now everybody will be too afraid of regressions to do such cleanup.

The only downside is that in case B above, makedumpfile may silently
produce incorrect output instead of failing mysteriously with an
error message such as: "Can't convert a virtual address
(f000000001000000) to physical address".

Just my two cents,
Petr Tesarik

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