[PATCH] arm64/mm: Introduce a variable to hold base address of linear region

Jin, Yanjiang yanjiang.jin at hxt-semitech.com
Tue Jun 19 02:34:56 PDT 2018

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH] arm64/mm: Introduce a variable to hold base address of
> linear region
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 03:02:15AM +0000, Jin, Yanjiang wrote:
> > > You seem to be using this for user-space phys_to_virt() based on
> > > values found in /proc/iomem. This should give you what you want, and
> > > isolate your user-space from the kernel's unexpected naming of variables.
> >
> > I don't know could I simplify this problem?
> > Let's ignore what memstart_addr represents here, we just want to
> > implement
> > phys_to_virt() in an userspace applications(kexec-tools or others).
> >
> > ARM64 Kernel has a below definition:
> >
> > #define __phys_to_virt(x)       ((unsigned long)((x) - PHYS_OFFSET) |
> >
> > So userspace app must know PHYS_OFFSET(equal to memstart_addr now).
> > Seems this is very simple, but memstart_addr has gone through several
> > operations in arm64_memblock_init() depends on different Kernel
> > configurations, so userspace app needs to know many additional definitions as
> following:
> >
> > memblock_start_of_DRAM(),  (ifdef CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP),
> > memstart_offset_seed.
> >
> > It is hard to know all above in kexec-tools now. Originally I planned
> > to read memstart_addr's value from "/dev/mem", but someone thought not
> > all Kernels enable "/dev/mem", we'd better find a more generic
> > approach. So we want to get some suggestions from ARM kernel community.
> > Can we export this variable in Kernel side through sysconf() or other
> > similar methods? Or someone can provide an effect way to get
> > memstart_addr's value?
> I thought the suggestion from James was to expose this via an ELF NOTE in kcore
> and vmcore (or in the header directly if that's possible, but I'm not sure about it)?

Hi Will,

Thanks for your reply firstly. But same as DEVMEM, kcore is not a must-have, so we can't depend on it.
On the other hand, phys_to_virt() is called during generating vmcore in Kexec-tools, vmcore also can't help this issue.
Unfortunately, not all platforms support analyzing Kernel config in userspace application, so Kexec-tools can't know some key kernel options. If not so, we can simulate the whole arm64_memblock_init()  progress in kexec-tools.

> Will

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