kexec over 4.1.27 for arm64?

Bhupesh Sharma bhsharma at
Wed Jun 13 22:34:24 PDT 2018

Hi Mahesh,

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 3:51 PM, Mahesh V
<maheshvenkateshwaran at> wrote:
> Hi folks
> Is there a patch that I can directly apply over 4.1.27
> to support kexec for arm64?

Can you be more descriptive about the problem you are facing?
kexec arm64 support was introduced in newer kernels, so please share
the environment (including the kernel version and kexec-tools version)
you are using.

Also if you are facing any particular crash (with back porting the
patches to 4.1.27), kindly share the appropriate logs with kexec being
invoked with -d (debug) flag.


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