panic kexec broken on ARM64?

James Morse james.morse at
Wed Jun 6 04:37:02 PDT 2018

Hi Stefan,

On 06/06/18 08:02, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> Am 05.06.2018 um 19:46 schrieb James Morse:
>> On 05/06/18 09:01, Petr Tesarik wrote:
>>> I attached a hardware debugger and found
>>> out that all CPU cores were stopped except one which was stuck in the
>>> idle thread. It seems that irq_set_irqchip_state() may sleep, which is
>>> definitely not safe after a kernel panic.

>> I don't know much about irqchip stuff, but __irq_get_desc_lock() takes a
>> raw_spin_lock(), and calls gic_irq_get_irqchip_state() which is just poking
>> around in mmio registers, this should all be safe unless you re-entered the same
>> code.

>>> If I'm right, then this is broken in general, but I have only ever seen
>>> it on RPi 3 Model B+ (even RPi3 Model B works fine), so the issue may
>>> be more subtle.

>> Is there a hardware difference around the interrupt controller on these?

> No, but the RPi 3 B has a different USB network chip on board (smsc95xx, Fast
> ethernet) instead of lan78xx (Gigabit ethernet).

Bingo: its the lan78xx driver that is sleeping from the irqchip callbacks; The
smsc95xx driver doesn't have a struct irq_chip, which is why the RPi-3-B doesn't
do this.

It may be valid for kdump to only teardown the 'root irqdomain' (if that even
means anything). I assume these secondary irqchip's would have a
summary-interrupt that goes to another irqchip. But I can't see a way to tell
them apart..,

I think we need to wait until after the merge window for Marc's wisdom on this!



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