[PATCH] efi: Fix the size not consistent issue when unmapping memory map

Randy Wright rwright at hpe.com
Tue Apr 17 13:34:05 PDT 2018

On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 06:35:22PM -0600, Randy Wright wrote:

> ... I will plan to run the same test tomorrow on
> a build of the SuSE 4.4.120-94.17 kernel, on which I had also reported
> the original bug.

I carried out the test on the older kernel today. I found the version of
arch/x86/kernel/kexec-bzimage64.c in the SuSE kernel version
4.4.120-94.17 was sufficiently different from the newer version that one
chunk of the patch under discussion was rejected.  Specifically, the
'struct kexec_buf kbuf' is not found in that older SuSE version of
kexec-bzimage64.c.   But I made the same modification to the
calculation of variable params_misc_sz in the older source, ran the same
test, and there were no longer any warnings from early_ioremap.c.

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