[PATCH 0/3] kdump: crashkernel parameter improvement

dyoung at redhat.com dyoung at redhat.com
Mon Oct 23 22:31:47 PDT 2017


Here is a try to improve current crashkernel kernel parameter

Patch 1/3 adds an extra functionality so that one can use like
crashkernel=2G-:128M^12 to reserve 128M for 2G+ machine but also scale the
size based on system memory, that means 128M + (total_mem - 128M) >> 12

Patch 2/3 is a resending of previous post to let crashkernel=xM to reserve
first from below 896M, then <4G, then <MAXMEM

Patch 3/3 round up total system memory size because according to test the
mem size from memblock api is usually smaller than actual size, this passed
my tests on x86/arm/powerpc, it should work for most cases, but there might 
be exceptions, appreciated for any better idea.


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