[PATCH] makedumpfile: Error on re-filtering the dump file with no free pages

Michael Holzheu holzheu at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri May 19 00:27:45 PDT 2017

Am Fri, 19 May 2017 02:35:40 +0000
schrieb Atsushi Kumagai <ats-kumagai at wm.jp.nec.com>:

> >> Hello Zaslonko,
> >>


> >Since we don't have the symbols in VMCOREINFO (and IMHO don't need it?) the
> >exclude_free_page() functions fails with the described error message.
> It seems that it's better if I update the condition check of exclude_free_page()
> for recent kernels, but those symbols are unnecessary in this case as you thought
> anyway. exclude_free_page() shouldn't be called for recent kernels, I don't think
> this is an actual problem.
> >So our fix is to adjust the info->level before setup_page_is_buddy() is called.
> I'm sure this fix is reasonable, I'll merge this into v1.6.2.



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